Pakistani Women Dating

Dating a Pakistani girl who is single, living in America and very much influenced by western culture will be very different to getting to know the Pakistani females living in Pakistan. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the traditions, difficulties and joys that surround dating, marriage and loving a Pakistani lady.

How to secure your first date – attracting Pakistani women

For local Pakistan women, dating is something that they have no experience of. Husbands are chosen by their families and there is no opportunity to get to know him before the wedding. If your dream date has a progressive family who allows her to find her own way in life, then you will still need to make very good friends with her parents. Her father and brothers will still expect to have a say as to who she chooses to marry. Many Pakistani girls are shy and reserved, so kindness, gentleness and patience are important qualities to show when you first meet. If your girl is a little sassy you will soon know, and you can be more forward and flirty.

Great reasons to date a lady from Pakistan

The typical Pakistani girl will be beautiful, kind, nurturing and shy. If she lives in Pakistan, she will have had little experience of men other than those in her family, so she will be nervous and unsure. A girl with Pakistani heritage will have been taught from an early age how to look after a home, keep her husband happy and raise well-behaved children. So, even if she is heavily influenced by cultures other than her own, these wonderful skills will still be brought into your relationship. A girl from Pakistan may be frustrated by the lack of equal rights she has within her country and her family. You will find that, because of this she is determined and ambitious to prove that women can do just as men can. Islam is a religion that believes in the importance of love, generosity and community. Your girlfriend or wife will love welcoming people into her home and looking after them. It’s also very likely that she will be an enthusiastic and skilled cook having been taught by her grandmother and mother. Why are Pakistani women so beautiful? Long glossy dark hair, gorgeous skin that has often been protected from the sun by Hijab or veils, big dark eyes and a natural slimness. They love jewel colored clothes which suit them perfectly.


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Where to meet the girls of Pakistan

Where to meet a Pakistani woman is a very difficult question, these is not right answer as it depends where you live. If you reside in the home country, you will make connections through your families. It is rare that you will ‘date’ until after you are married. If you are trying international dating to find your love then Mosque, close friends and extended family are the best ways to meet single girls. Islamic culture means that a woman who is not yet married will have lots of loving eyes and ears focused on finding her a compatible man. Online dating is also a good idea. has a site exclusively for Pakistani women to find dates. A natural reservation and wariness of trusting her instincts means that the opportunity to get to know a man over Instant Message and eventually the phone before meeting him is very important.

How to find a reliable dating site

For ex-pat Pakistani women dating site teams like the amazing one at Tendermeets act as her matchmaking heroes. The search tools mean that she can find a happy relationship with a local man that suits her wants and needs and without having to go on lots and lots of dates. Tender Meets is also a fantastic site to choose as it is safe and discreet. There is no need to have to share your email address or telephone number until you want to. The site itself is well designed and easy to negotiate. Having a site dedicated to the gorgeous ladies of Pakistan is wonderful because it means that the men, our members meet will already have a deep understanding of what it means to be a Muslim, the religion, culture and traditions.

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Gender roles in Pakistan

In Pakistan and within Pakistani families there is a strong patriarchal culture and a girl’s father and brothers will expect to influence and/or approve of her choice of boyfriend or husband. In Pakistan culture dating isn’t really a ‘thing’ as arranged marriages are the norm. As the younger generations fight for a more progressive and equal society dating and marrying for love is becoming more popular, especially in countries other than Pakistan itself. For Pakistan girls dating an open-minded man who is happy for his wife to get an education and a job is the key to escaping, sometimes stifling, traditions of her country. That said, in most Muslim marriages it will be the wife who takes time off work to raise the children and she will, therefore, take control the cooking and cleaning as her mother did before her. However, it is vital for younger Pakistani women to know that this is through choice and she has other freedoms outside of the home.

The stereotypical Pakistani woman – is she real?

Dating a Pakistani woman in America is a very different experience to what it would be in Pakistan. Your new love is likely to have been born in the U.S and her parents will have more sympathies if her wanting to make her own choices. Are the stereotypes of Pakistani women true? Let’s see! Yes, most girls will be happy and proud to be an efficient housewife, excellent cook and wonderful mother. However, they may not be completely satisfied with this and crave jobs, hobbies, respect and an education. She will be looking for a like-minded husband to support her. How to look like a Pakistani woman? The females of Pakistan are naturally beautiful with dark hair and eyes, a soft round face and a slim figure. Most Muslim girls will dress demurely but they do also love to wear color. Of course, if she is a U.S citizen, she may dress in all kinds of styles and have spiky short hair. What are Pakistani women like? The stereotype is that they are shy, quiet, defer to their husbands and ‘do as they are told’, calmly and contentedly. A reserved nature is typically Pakistani, however a household is not run in any country in the world without the ability to speak for yourself, a determination that her children are well behaved and influence over their husband. Women from Pakistan are all devout Muslims. Nearly but not exactly! You can be from Pakistan and have no faith, moderate faith or a devotee. This depends on lots of factors, her own thoughts and feelings, her family and where in the world she was brought up.

Dating ideas

The answer to the question ‘How to date a Pakistani woman’ depends on who she is and her childhood. Here are our day and night date tips for dating a Pakistani woman. A heavily supervised small chat in the home of her parents would once have been the only ‘date’ a man marrying a girl from Pakistan would enjoy. Happily, this is slowly changing but she may still be nervous of what her family and friends think. Romance is the way to your girl’s heart. She will love to be treated like a princess, as this will be a novelty for her. A delicious meal in a sophisticated restaurant or a relaxed coffee is an ideal first date. A walk in the park is a more appropriate early date than an isolated walk in the countryside. Take your lead from her and decide how she feels about being alone with you. Shyness, chasteness and the need to keep her respectability will inform her attitude. So, if dating a Pakistani girl is something that you love to be a part of your future. Sign up to a dating site like and become a part of our friendly and supportive community. We know that you’ll be thrilled with the services and features that we have to offer our amazing members.

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