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Russian women are a fascination for many men. They are beautiful, strong-willed and love to have fun. Tendermeets is an online international dating site that brings together like-minded people from lots of different countries. We are proud of our successes, so to help further, relationship experts have created this guide full of advice and tips for dating a Russian woman.

How to attract and score your first date with a Russian lady

Dating a Russian girl would be a wonderful experience, but you need to understand her uniqueness to convince her to agree to a date with you. Russian women love a masculine man who take a direct approach. Western men have been conditioned to pretend they don’t care, and the playing of games is common. Russian women won’t stand for that and they will move on to a gentleman who lets her know he thinks she is incredible. Suggest a date in the best restaurant that you can afford and present your new love with a glorious bunch of flowers. Russian women adore a man with means and who is happy to treat them like a princess. Make a concerted effort with your appearance. Russian women are very image conscious and take lots of time and energy to look their best. They will expect the same from the man they are dating. You don’t need to have designer shoes, but they do have to be clean and polished. Russians have a deep understanding of body language and give a great importance to gestures that an American wouldn’t even notice. When you ask your beauty out on that first date be confident, stand tall, don’t stumble over your words. If she says ‘Yes’ immediately tell her when and where you would like the date to happen. Taking control like this will make her weak at the knees.

Why are Russian girls so alluring?

Russian women have a mystique because for many years Russia was an enemy of the West, indeed the relationship is still not easy. Ladies from this dangerous and unknown place have the allure of forbidden fruit. Why are Russian women so beautiful? They are elegant, stylish, beautifully groomed and gorgeous. There are lots of cultural influences in this massive country, so there is no one ‘look’ that Russians all have. However, in the big cities such as St Petersburg and Moscow the fine, delicate features, heart-shaped faces and light coloring of the Slavic race are a familiar sight. Russian ladies have lots of personality and life with her will always be interesting. She will be clever, curious and have a love of the culture of her country. Art, music and dance are great passions for the people of Russia.


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Where can I meet Russian women?

For Russian women dating is a serious business and she won’t rush into a commitment with a man she isn’t sure of. For that reason, they enjoy the freedom of online dating. She can take her time chatting with lots of different men before deciding who to go on a date with. Head to an international dating site such as to make lots of connections with Russian ladies. You’ll soon find the girl who will capture you heart. If you’re dating a Russian woman in America, then head to the nightclub. Restaurants and coffee shops are places where she’ll be spending time with her girlfriends, so you’ll not have much there. The higher the class of nightclub the more likely it is you’ll meet Russian women. In Russia, go to the theatre, opera or ballet and make bold eye contact with that statuesque goddess across the room. Leave her in no doubt that you are interested and then ask if you can buy her a glass of the finest champagne. In a lot of countries, a young woman’s family will have a lot of influence over who she dates. While Russians are still a family focused nation, they don’t rely on this style of matchmaking. A woman is free to go out and seek the guy that is perfect for her independently.

Finding a reliable dating site

Tendermeets is a fantastic Russian women dating site. The community of gorgeous, friendly and vibrant members is growing all the time and they can’t wait to get to know people who are new to the site. You’ll meet a Russian woman in the chat room within hours of signing up and hopefully that will lead to a long-term relationship. It’s difficult to know whether a dating site is the one for you. Here’s what to look for; lots of members, busy chatrooms with lots of threads, great reviews on the app store, recommendations from friends, an easy to navigate site and a high number of detailed profiles with pictures of that user attached. Signing up is the only way to know for sure and many websites have free trial options. Registration to is quick and easy and you’ll be amazed at the efforts we put into maintaining the safety and privacy of the ladies and gentlemen who rely on us.

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Gender roles in Russia

In Russian culture, dating is focused on the lady. She is at the center of a blossoming union and is constantly waiting to be impressed and ‘looked after’. Does this translate into wider gender roles? Traditional gender roles are still alive and well. Men are the head of the family in Russia and are the main breadwinners while the wife stays at home to maintain the home and look after the children. Russian ladies are deemed to be perfect wife material if they are beautiful, maternal and hard-working in the home. The ideal Russian man is expected to be dominant, in control of all situations and the defender of his family. Women look for those qualities in the men they find attractive and perceived weakness is a massive turn off. There are some changes in attitudes beginning, Russian women are intelligent, ambitious and the number of them in higher education and leadership roles is growing all the time. However, this is something that is mainly being seen in the big cities where those opportunities are more widely available.

Are the stereotypes of Russian ladies true?

Russian women are subject to strong stereotyping and it’s hard to know what is true and what is a myth. Here’s our advice on what to believe. The typical Russian girl is beautiful. Yes! Every woman is pretty in her own way but Russian women always make the most of their best features so they will always look striking. A Russian lady will be bad tempered and too serious. This is not true. While they can initially be aloof with people, they don’t know well, they are warm and generous with their friends and family. Russian women are rude and obnoxious. Again, not true! The Russian personality takes a little bit of getting used to as they are so honest and straightforward. This is never meant in a cruel way they just tell the truth! What are Russian women like? Lots of us will have heard that they are materialistic, obsessed with money and sneer at anything that isn’t expensive or designer. There is a ring of truth in this. Russian girls do adore the finer things in life and aspire to marry a rich man. You are more likely to have your proposal of a marriage accepted if you have a professional job and aspirations to progress.

Fantastic dating ideas in Russia

Russian girls dating for love want to be made to feel special and will want frequent reassurance that they are adored. Get rid of the dating rules you’ve always lived by. Be enthusiastic in your love! One of the most important things to remember when wondering how to date a Russian woman is to show your masculinity. She may be an intelligent, career woman who has her own money, but she will always appreciate the feeling of being loved and protected by a strong man. Flowers! They are a timeless gift that will make her heart happy. Fragrant blooms on your first date are a must but a monthly surprise delivery to her work or family home will tell her that you are a keeper. Don’t forget the chivalry! Many women become offended by having the door held open for them. This would never be the case in Russia. Practice your old-fashioned manners and treat her like a lady. Open the car door, pull out her chair to help her sit and stand up when she leaves the table. It’s not very politically correct but it’s sure to make her fall for you. So, if you think a Russian lady would be your perfect match, get online to and start your dating adventure with us ASAP. You won’t regret it!!

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Author: Jennifer Lorusso

Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.

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