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Polish females are beautiful, hard-working and loving and would make a wonderful girlfriend or wife. Tendermeets is a fantastic international dating site which was created to bring together like-minded men and women from all over the world.

If a Polish lady would be your dream date, then you’ll love this comprehensive guide. It has been written by our dating experts and is full of information and tips for dating a Polish woman.

How to attract a Polish girl and secure your first date

For Polish women dating is something that will lead them to a long-term loving relationship and eventually marriage and children. If you want to attract a lady from Gdansk, Krakow or Carpathian village then you should be hard-working, family orientated and kind.

A girl from Poland will have been taught to be self-sufficient from an early age and she is likely to be determined to make her own money and not rely on others. However, she will expect her partner to have the same attitude.

Polish girls are traditionalists, so romantic dates are vital. If you invite a Polish girl out for drinks and expect her to come home with you, well, it’s likely that you will be disappointed.

Suggest a delicious dinner, ask her about her family, tell her about your career plans and pay for her taxi home. She will feel respected, listened to and confident she has met the right man.

Explaining the popularity of Polish girls

Why are Polish women so beautiful? The typical Polish girl has Slavic features, pale skin, a heart-shaped face, light brown hair and slim bodies. Of, course there are variations of look, but all the ladies of Poland are stunning.

How to look like a Polish woman? They dress with casual elegance, with minimal make-up and unfussy hair. These are girls who rely on their natural beauty rather than lots of products and artifice.

For lots of men it is the kind and loving nature of Polish ladies that hold them in thrall. A guy will also find that they are very easy-going and relaxed. So long as her family is happy, her man supports her and she has an enjoyable job, she will be contented.

The Polish all have a strong work ethic and are a practical people. Your new love will never expect to be kept or want the things that are outside her economic means. She will always want to help her family by earning money and will only be distracted by her innate need to nurture her children.


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Where to go to meet a Polish girl

In Poland you will meet single girls in city bars and coffee shops. The Polish ladies are fun and sociable, but she is unlikely to enjoy a hook-up date, so you’ll need to make lots of effort to woo her.

Rural girls will be a little more conservative and you’ll find her spending most of her time with her family and close friends. She will be shy, so chatting to the people around her first will be a good way to gain her interest and confidence.

Dating a Polish woman in America is much the same as it would be with most ladies. If you’re lucky you make romantic connections through work or your hobbies. She will be happy with the idea of being friends before starting to date.

But what if the Polish girls you’re seeking aren’t part of your social circle? Dating online is an awesome idea. Tendermeets.com has a site specifically for amazing Polish ladies. The community of members is busy, active and growing, so plenty of exciting opportunities to experience the women of this stunning country.

How to find a reliable dating website

For Polish women, dating site chat rooms are a safe place to get to know a man before meeting him for the first time. They want somewhere discreet and friendly and Tendermeets is the perfect option!

To meet a Polish woman if you don’t live in Poland, you need an international dating site. You’ll soon be chatting to Polish women living in lots of different countries. Our matchmaking skills are incredible too, with our help you’ll find a compatible Polish girl in your local area.

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Gender roles in Poland

Dating a Polish girl is a fab way to find a wife and mother for your future children. In Poland the men are considered the head of the family but, really, it’s the woman who is in charge. She will be like a tigress at the head of her family.

Polish girls expect to work and are happier when they are doing so. They are eager to make lots of effort domestically but will also want her man to take his turn with the cooking and the housework. Polish married couples are much more equal than in many other parts of the globe.

Catholic upbringings mean that fidelity, loyalty and commitment are strictly observed within happy unions and these values are expected from both the man and the woman. Both a wife and a husband will work hard to make their loved one happy throughout their lives together.

Are the stereotypes of Polish girls true?

What are Polish women like? Here are the common stereotypes and the truth behind them.

A typical Polish girl is hard-working. This is true! Polish people are some of the hardest working people in the world and are content to do all kinds of work so long as they are paid a fair wage for it.

Polish girls will do anything to make her man happy. We would agree with this but point out that they will expect the same effort in return.

In Poland, the family is the focus. Yes! Looking after her parents, spouse and offspring will give a Pole great joy and satisfaction.

The U.S there is the unfair and untrue suggestion that Polish girls and boys aren’t very clever. This is a complete untruth, they are intelligent, curious and take education seriously. They are proud people but not too proud to say ‘No’ to a job that is unskilled but is vital to the workings of the world.

Great ideas for a date

In Polish culture, dating is something that should be taken slowly and with patience. When a lady dates, she is looking for her forever guy, so she needs to be sure that you’re the right one.

Here’s how to date a Polish woman and be sure of a second date!

Be on time! The Poles are punctual people, as a nation with a strong work ethic, wasting people’s time is the height of bad manners. If you keep your date waiting for too long, she will leave.

Flowers are much loved by Polish ladies and a bouquet of blooms is the perfect first date gift. Present them at the beginning of the evening so that she can proudly carry them and show what a lovely man she has chosen.

Arranging a formal date to a classy restaurant or to see a specific film you are both interested in is important. It means that you have considered her needs and made a special effort. A Polish lady won’t be impressed with a random suggestion of ‘Let’s hang out!’.

End your date with a chaste kiss on the cheek. Polish girls are influenced by Catholic upbringings and she will be offended if make assumptions that you’ll sleep together on the first date. Be patient, think in terms of old-fashioned values and you won’t go far wrong.

So, if you’re enthusiastic about the possibilities of meeting female Polish singles then look no further than Tendermeets.com. Search the profiles of our members, experience the vibrant atmosphere in the chat rooms and find the beautiful Polish lady that will make your heart happy. Sign up now and start your international dating adventure today!

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