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If you want to discover local Kenyan women then you probably want to know where to start your search. Where do they hang out, where are you likely to meet them and how are you going to attract a Kenyan girl? We have the answers to this along with general advice on dating Kenyan women including what to expect, how to treat them and what you should consider when you choose to date women from Kenya. Sit back and discover more about dating this nationality of women.

How to Attract a Local Kenyan Girl

If you want to attract women then there are some obvious rules to observe when it comes to the dating game. Women are attracted to men for a number of reasons and not always the same ones. While some women like their men confident and outgoing, others prefer a more mysterious man. When it comes to Kenyan women, they are often attracted to white men as white skin is seen as an ideal beauty but they also like an older man that is well groomed. They also like someone who is confident but also playful so a little bit of humor and flirtation would be a good place to start although be sensitive to her feelings.

Your First Date with a Kenyan Woman

The first date needs to be somewhere you both feel comfortable and that you will both enjoy. There is little point in taking her to a noisy club where you can’t hear each other, especially if this is not her scene. That first date is always sensible to go somewhere safe and public but also somewhere where perhaps you can enjoy some nice food (find out what she likes first) and that you can sit and have a conversation. Not a noisy bar where you both drink too much before the date has even begun. Perhaps you could try something a little different – a bit of fun like wine tasting, min-golf or something else.

Why are Kenyan Women a Popular Choice?

Kenyan women are intelligent and strong. They are not afraid to work hard often getting better jobs, doing better at university and being prepared to take care of the household. They also have a sense of fun and like a man that can make them laugh and not take himself too seriously. They are independent and like to take control in situations which some guys like. They are attracted to the head strong attitudes of women who like to take care of them and that are more of an equal partner in a relationship.

Where Can You Meet Kenyan Women?

The obvious place to meet Kenyan women, especially if you are an American, is online. Unless you are actually looking in Kenya for a date, you are far better using a dating site to discover what you are looking for. The great thing about using online dating to meet Kenyan women is that you can find those that are looking for the same things and someone who has common interests. If you want a stable relationship with someone looking to build a future, you can be confident that you will find someone using a Kenyan women dating website. International dating is far easier online as it is far simpler to determine what you are looking for. It also gives you an excellent platform to get to know a girl better.

How to Find a Reliable Kenyan Dating Website?

If you know want you want out of your dating then this will help you to choose the right dating website. For a start, make sure you don’t choose a casual hookup site. You want a platform that is tailored to love and more serious dating. Those looking for a serious relationship, that want to find a Kenyan partner use a dating site that is designed for singles seeking relationships. Use a site that is set up to help you not only find the right match but also to get to know them better. You can then take your time finding the right women and learning more about them.


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The Gender Roles of Men and Women in Kenya

Traditionally it is standard for Kenyan women to be the ones with the better jobs. They work hard to provide for their family and to take care of the household. That’s not to say that men don’t work but Kenyan women tend to be better qualified. They are also quite headstrong and matriarchal in the family unit. This is a tradition in Kenya. Kenyan men often feel threatened by strong women which has traditionally caused problems in the country. This could be another reason that Kenyan women prefer to marry white men. Having done well at school, it is not unusual for Kenyan women to be fluent in English but they still have pay gaps and problems operating in what is seen to be a man’s world.

Your Reasons for Dating Kenyan Women

Western men often find Kenyan women attractive. Their strength, their drive and ambition and the fact that they are beautiful and intelligent is a draw. They don’t have so many opportunities to put their ambition to the test in Kenya but giving a woman the right opportunities in a country such as America means they can achieve great things with their attitudes to work and their willingness to provide for their families. This could well be the thing that makes them so attractive to American men that want someone that is a partner in a relationship and not just in the bedroom. If you are looking for a relationship then there is much to be said for choosing a Kenyan girl.

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The Typical Stereotype of Kenyan Women

The stereotype of a Kenyan woman, as we have already touched on, is that they are a strong, independent and beautiful race. They work hard achieving better grades at school than their male counterparts and are driven. They speak fluent English and often transpire to great things that they can’t achieve in their own country. They like American white men that are older than them and may travel to America or their Western countries with the hopes of finding their ideal husband and a job that they are worthy of. They have strong moral values when it comes to marriage and families and work hard to protect what is theirs.

Tips for Dating Kenyan Women

What are you looking for in a Kenyan woman? If it is just a quick fling then you need to rethink it. With strong moral values, women are likely to be looking for a dependable husband that respects them and that wants to provide a good life for them and their family. If you meet her on line then get to know her first. Find out what she likes, what she is into and the sort of dates she might enjoy. Let her choose where she wants to go. Kenyan women want to have an equal partnership. Respect her, show her that you value her opinions and desires. Make her laugh and show her a good time. Listen to her and her opinions and be considerate of what she wants. Take her to places where you can get to know her. Treat her to new experiences and don’t just go to a noisy bar. Choose nice restaurants or other eateries. Don’t be over the top with your flattery, be genuine.

Some Date Ideas for Dating in Kenya

Where you take her will depend on whereabouts in the dating cycle you are. If this is one of your first dates then consider taking her somewhere quiet but public. She needs to feel safe. Choose a nice eatery. You could try a day date and go out for lunch followed by a fun activity where you can both have a laugh. Mini golf, crazy golf or other outdoor games or activities are a great way to have some fun together and to get to know each other without that pressure of stating at one another across the dinner table. Try and make your dates varied so you don’t do the same old thing each time. Forget bars and clubs and go for something more cultural. If she is new to that area, show her the sights of the town or city. Take her to places of interest maybe. There are so many things that you can do together. If you are keen to date Kenyan women, perhaps you have dated them in the past, be mindful of the cultural differences and what she is likely to believe in. Consider her values and beliefs and treat her with respect. Get to know her properly and show her the kind of treatment she can expect from you. Be yourself though – pretending to be someone you are not will not do you any favors in the long run. Most of all, enjoy dating and getting to know someone new.

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Author: Jennifer Lorusso

Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.

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