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Romanian females are alluring and mysterious. If you’re attracted to this beauty and mystique then read our tips for dating Romanian woman. Learn about who they are, where to meet them and what kind of dates to suggest. Trust in our expertise and knowledge, the Tendermeets has lots of experience in delivering a fantastic successful international dating service.

Your first date – how to attract a Romanian lady

Dating a Romanian girl is easier if you’re a foreigner, especially if you both live in Romania. She will be fascinated by your cultural differences and eager to learn all about your country. If you’re from a different country but make the effort to speak her language, you’ll be irresistible! Romania girls care about their appearance and love to dress up. Mirror her keenness to always be presentable as she’ll be turned off by scruffiness and lack of pride. If you’re not sure what to wear for a new restaurant, ask for her opinion as she love that you trust her style. Be complimentary but don’t overdo it. Romanian girls love to feel special, but they have a strong intuition so will know if you’re fake. Buy your new love small thoughtful gifts. If you can afford it, splash out every so often as she’ll love showing off to her friends. It’s not materialism, it’s pride in the good choice she made with her boyfriend. Romanians love to eat, so suggest a dinner date. They are also super proud of the local cuisine so if you both live in the U.S try seeking out a place where they cook traditional Romanian dishes.

Why are Romanian girls so popular?

If you long to meet a Romanian woman, you’re in the right place at We have a growing number of Romanian ladies as members and they have always been successful at finding dates that blossom into long-term relationships. So, what’s their secret?! Why are Romanian women so beautiful? They are slim with rounded heart shaped-faces and lovely dark almond shaped eyes. Of course, the ‘look’ of the Romanian lady depends on her heritage, but the traditional ‘Slavic’ features make them naturally pretty. How to look like a Romanian woman? Make efforts with your clothes and wear elegant but casual attire for day and go glamourous for the evening. Any man would be proud to have a Romanian girl on their arm at a fancy event. Romanians are social, friendly and curious about the world. If you marry a lady from Romania, you’ll never be lonely or bored. She will adore holding dinner parties for her family and friends, so if you love food and drinking, you’re in for a treat!


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Where to meet the single women of Romania

For Romanian women, dating site activities should be safe, discreet and provide lots of opportunities to meet singles from different countries. Tendermeets offers each of those requirements and more. Head there now and you’ll see that it’s the ideal place to meet Romanian women. If you’re hoping to soon be dating a Romanian woman in America then your place of work, the gym or local bars is the best place. A girl from Romania is likely to love getting involved in lots of activities, so they will pop up at all kinds of events and days out. Romanians are very close to their families and a single woman will make romantic connections with the guidance of relatives and close friends. Her parents will try to steer her towards a Romanian boy, so you’ll have to work hard to win her (and them!) over.

How to find a reliable dating site

To meet the single Romanian women dating to find love and marriage, focus on websites that help users to find commitment. You won’t find any Romanian girls dating for sex alone as it isn’t approved of her country where most people adhere to the strict rules of the Catholic church. Look for sites that have lots of active members, such as Those men and women will have arrived online because of positive recommendations and great reviews. It’s also a good sign that there are few fake profiles and bots, most users will be the real deal! An easy way to check the match making prowess of a dating site team is to give them a try. It’s simple! Sign up, have fun chatting in the forums, send some cheeky messages and enjoy the excitement of waiting to see who you will meet.

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What are the gender roles in Romania?

Historically, Romanian culture, dating was something that ‘happened’ to a woman. Her family would find her a compatible gentleman and he would visit her in her home under the watchful eye of older female relatives. These formal and protective traditions may have disappeared now but the formal idea of a girl being ‘courted’ remains. Paying for meals, choosing where to go on a date and the giving of gifts and flowers is very much a part of the beginning of a relationship in Romania. Lots of attention should also be paid to her family to win their favor. The man is still considered, in name at least, the head of the family and the main breadwinner. That said, Romanian women are independent, hard-working and determined to secure equal rights in society and within the home. Your Romanian lady will expect to raise your children and as they older she will want to get a part time job. She will take on her share of domestic chores but is feisty enough to make it known if she feels that you aren’t helping her as much as you should.

Are the stereotypes true?

Romania is a country that has seen many, many struggles over the generations. It has been a poor country, a place of political turmoil and the producer of millions of refugees. Since democracy, the fortunes of this small, pretty country have changed for the better and recent inclusion into the EU has made a huge amount of positive difference. The typical Romanian girl is assumed to be a poor, uneducated and dour country girl. Happily, this is nonsense and there are Romanians living in almost every country in the world who are all working towards showing exactly what amazing feats they can achieve. What are Romanian girls like really? They are determined, fun, sociable, intelligent, humble and open-minded. They may still have the challenges of living in a country that is only just found its feet but that has only increased their willingness to work hard for themselves and their families.

Dating tips and advice

The Romanian girls dating for love want a man who has his own income but will support her in her ambitions to have a career. As your love blossoms, encourage the new lady in your life to follow her dreams. The ladies of Romania may be independent, but their family is still incredibly important to them. Take an interest in them and be willing to spend time with your in-laws and the siblings. When you visit, take flowers for the ladies and wine for the men. Talk about your own family and the hopes and dreams you have for the future. Romanian women adore the idea of a marriage that will lead to deep connections with another group of warm and loving people. She is unlikely to be materialistic, so money isn’t an issue providing you work hard and are honest. If you go out for lunch, she’ll expect you to pay. However, if you’re struggling, she will be just as happy with a romantic (and free!) walk in the park. Romanian girls LOVE dating foreigners. It’s a throwback from communism when anything new, innovative and different held a huge amount of fascination. Smile and enjoy the attention as she’ll want to show you off to all her friends. If it sounds as though a gorgeous goddess from Romania would be a perfect part of your future, then stop hesitating! Sign up to the Number One International Dating Site, and start your search. It’s so simple and quick to register and within the hour you’ll be browsing the profiles of beautiful girls from Bran and Bucharest.

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