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The team at Tender meets are dating experts and love the challenges and joys of bringing the men and women of the world together. The international sections of the website are becoming increasingly popular, so we’ve created some comprehensive guides on how to successfully date nationalities and cultures that are different from your own. Here’s our list of advice and tips for dating a Norwegian woman

How to attract a Norwegian girl and secure your first date

Norwegian girls are renowned for being aloof and difficult to impress. Social norms in Norway mean that people don’t speak to each other freely outside of pre-arranged meetings and gatherings. You will be smiled a lots but a small talk on buses and in the streets is very rare. For Norwegian girls, dating is something that happens after a meeting in bars when everyone is a little tipsy. It’s here that you’re the most likely to score a lady’s telephone number. The ladies of Norway are independent and straight-forward but when it comes to love you still shouldn’t expect them to make the first move! This is tricky, asking a lady out won’t impress her, she is likely to be cold. You need to be more indirect. Make it plain you think she’s attractive and then take the conversation from there. Displays of affection are rare between people who don’t know each other. Touching a woman’s arm or shoulder as you chat is likely to be met with a glacial stair. Hugging is only considered appropriate after a few dates.

Why are the women of Norway so amazing to date?

Why are Norwegian women so beautiful? It’s a great question because good looks are a regular occurrence amongst the women of Norway, they are tall and toned and have beautiful skin and buttery blonde hair. For Norwegian women, dating is a great way to introduce a new man to their hobbies. They are usually outdoor girls who love hiking and skiing. The levels of fitness in Norway are high and that makes for a stunning looking, healthy population. A typical Norwegian lady will be clever, motivated and won’t ever expect to rely on a man to look after her. You won’t be kicked into touch if you haven’t made your millions yet as they have money of their own. What are Norwegian women like? They are strong willed, hard-working and nurturing so would make excellent wives for men who like to be challenged and share the decision making and responsibilities of the household.


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Where can you meet beautiful Norwegian women?

The best place to meet a Norwegian woman who is single and looking for a marriage is either on a dating site or in the club and bars of her city. The girls of Norway appreciate the ‘to the point’ nature of online romancing. All the members know why they are there, to find love and marriage, and it’s easy to discover how compatible you are using the search tool. Precious time and energy are not wasted with online dating and Norwegian girls are thankful for that. Everyone drinks in Norway and drinking a beer is often the only way to get Norwegians to be open and have fun outside of their immediate circle of friends and family. Once your new lady friend has decided, she will have no worries about inviting you back to her home. Norwegians are typically Scandinavian with their progressive attitudes to sex.

Find a reliable dating site is a fantastic Norwegian women dating site to use as it’s focused on the international dating between people of lots of different countries and cultures. The community on our site is active busy and friendly and the chat rooms are full of fun people enjoying flirting and arranging dates. If you’re interested in dating a Norwegian woman in America, then using an online dating site is a good idea. You’ll be able to set your search criteria, put your desires on your personal profile and spend your time exclusively on the Norway specific site. Casual dating is popular amongst the younger generation. It suits their lifestyle and desire for nothing to get in the way of making their way in the world.

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What are the traditional gender roles in Norway?

In Norwegian culture, dating is no different to the rest of everyday life. Norway has always been at the forefront of gender equality. They were one of the first countries to give women the right to vote. Women in Norway may be conservative in some ways, but they see themselves on a par with men and so they believe in equal access to sexual freedoms, pay scales and top tier jobs. Marriage and the raising of children is still the eventual ambition of most Norwegians. However, it isn’t until later in life that it becomes a focus. Feminism and equal rights also mean it isn’t always the women who stay at home to look after the children and there is a high percentage of working mothers.

Are the stereotypes of Norwegian girls true?

Many men believe that dating a Norwegian girl means having a stunning, statuesque blonde on his arm. When you take a walk around cites such as Oslo, you can see that the myth of Scandinavian beauty is in fact very true. A typical Norwegian girl is outdoorsy, it is absolutely right! They even have a word for their love of spending time outside, ‘Friluftsliv’. Independence is a key trait. Many women in Norway are ambitious and driven. Long term relationships and marriage will be put much lower down the list of her priorities than her career and hobbies. Is a bit of a drinker. Yes! The Norwegians adore a drink! If you offer to buy a lady a beverage then she will want the expensive stuff! No house wine for her. As icy as the Fjords her country is famous for. A woman from Norway will be very serious and careful with strangers. This reserved attitude is inherent in both the men and women and can be difficult to get used to. The younger generations are learning to be warmer, but effort and time is still required. Of course, there are many kinds of ladies that live in Norway. It is becoming a more culturally diverse country and the cool façade soon disappears once you have made friends with a girl from Oslo.

Dating ideas

If you’re asking how to date a Norwegian woman then this guide is hopefully helping! Here a few of our favorite ideas of the types of romantic and exciting dates to suggest to the beautiful girl you’ve just met. Where to go and what to do is very much dependent on if you are living in Norway and are hoping to date a local or if you are residing in the U.S but love the idea of dating a fellow Norwegian or you’re American with a fetish for blonde beauties. In any part of the world, find a place to hike! A bracing walk in the open air, chatting and getting to know each other would be a perfect date. Norwegians love the outdoor life so agreeing to share and adventure together will be met with much enthusiasm. After a few dates, suggest wild camping or a day climbing with a guide. Norwegian girls are very social with the people they know well. At home she will be used to a big group of rowdy friends moving as a pack. If you’re lucky enough to have lots of mates organize a pub crawl. Drinking is part of the culture in Norway, but they start late and finish at 3am, just as the sun is rising. Marriage to a Scandinavian means many late-night house parties and dancing in clubs till the small hours. So, if the bold and blonde goddesses of the jaw-dropping country of Norway sound like the type of feisty women for you then head to the Norwegian section of We will put you in touch with hundreds of women, give you access to a powerful search tool that will assess your compatibility and provide a range of fast and convenient ways to communicate. You may find it a challenge to convince a Norwegian lady to date you, but it will be worth it!

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