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Samoan females are stunningly beautiful and it’s easy to see why so many men would dearly love to these island goddesses. Samoa is a small tropical country, but the people are big hearted with huge personalities. The Samoan word for a foreigner is Palagi, and if you would love to date a Samoan beauty there are lots of other important words you’ll need to learn first! Here’s a comprehensive guide containing advice and tips for dating a Samoan woman. The team at Tendermeets international dating site hopes that you will find it useful.

How to attract the single women of Samoa

Rule No.1 is that a Samoan lady does not date. Ever! Even if she has lived in the U.S all her life this will still be true! Don’t panic though, all is not lost. The ‘no dating’ rule is simply a ruse. To attract a girl, don’t tell her you think she’s beautiful. Make friends with her brother or male friends and, ever so casually, get to know her that way. Of course, after you’ve locked eyes with her across a crowded bar and flirted a little, you’ll know she likes you, you just both need to pretend not to care in front of others. Gifts of food are the perfect way to show a Samoan girl you think she’s lovely. In Samoa a bachelor will do far more than his fair share of the domestic tasks in the home of his girlfriend’s family. Acknowledge this part of her culture by baking her a cake or mowing her grass. Take an enthusiastic interest in her family and tell her about yours. Family is everything in Samoa, effectively you’re becoming a member of her huge family rather than creating a little one of your own.


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Great reasons to date Samoan women

To Samoan women, dating is alien, it’s not a ‘thing’ in Samoa. You will meet, you’ll both feel strong, sensual chemistry but the main way to spend time with her, without attracting disapproving looks and damage to her reputation, is to bea friend for her family. You know why you’re there, she knows why you’re there, so do they, but no-one talks about it! Why are Samoan women so beautiful? Gorgeous skin, a slim figure with curves in all the right places and glossy dark hair and eyes, that’s the ‘look’ of the Samoan woman. How to look like a Samoan woman? They have a unique beauty and it is one that has attracted the male gaze since the times when The Great Explorers arrived in Polynesia and became bewitched by the pretty girls of these islands. Dating a Samoan girl can be a challenge, especially as a Palagi. Her family would prefer her to marry a rich local boy over you. However, if your relationship does end in a marriage, she will make a skilled domestic goddess, a supportive friend and fun wife.

Where to meet the ladies of Samoa

Dating a Samoan woman in America is tricky. They won’t go out clubbing looking for an eligible man as she’ll worry it would damage her reputation. If she’s out dancing with her girlfriends and you offer to buy her a drink, you’ll receive the cold shoulder and disgusted stares. If you have Samoan work buddies, never refuse an invitation to his home for dinner as this will be the perfect opportunity to meet his single sisters and cousins. On Samoa itself, you would have to work really hard to capture the heart of a local girl. Be friendly, try a little gentle flirting but DON’T assume you can kiss or hug her! That delight is many weeks away after you’ve pretended not to like each other, watched a ball game with her Dad and cooked a three-course meal under the supervision of her Mother. For Samoan girls, dating online at a secure and private site such as is a fantastic idea. She can ‘date’ discreetly and introduce her beau to her family as a friend and the relationship can naturally blossom from there.

Finding a reliable dating site

Tendermeets is a fantastic Samoan women dating site. We have lots of expertise in delivering an international dating service and pride ourselves on helping our members to make loving connections with like-minded men and women. We think that as a Palagi, your best chance to meet a Samoan woman is via a site like ours. Each country has its own site with busy chat rooms, a growing community of members and the opportunity to win the heart of a stunning Polynesian goddess.

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Gender roles in Samoa

In Samoa, the center of the Polynesian islands, gender roles have always been equal. Living on a small island without much infrastructure means that men and women have always had to work hard but at their own traditional tasks such as animal husbandry and farming for the men and cooking and childcare for the women. The Samoan people have a uniquely communal style of living. Your village is your family, and everyone helps each other out. The men go out and fish together and the women often make craft items to sell. The money made from these endeavors is then shared. The ‘Matai’ is an elected male figure who is head of the village and acts as the chief. He will solve economic problems, settles disputes and be a father figure for everyone. The ‘Aiga’ is the male head of the extended family and will control their land. This sharing of tasks is the same within each individual home. The expectation for a young man to do menial jobs in his girlfriend’s home is part of those cultural beliefs. They are checking he has been brought up ‘properly’ before deciding if he is a compatible future member of the family. There is also a third gender in Samoa. The ‘Fafafine’ who are effectively men, who were brought up to dress and identify as women. This is completely socially acceptable within the Samoan community and gives a clue as to how progressive and different gender roles are within this small island nation.

The stereotypical Samoan lady – is she real?

The typical Samoan girl is beautiful, mysterious and exotic. At least that’s what the western world would imagine her to be. Samoan ladies are beautiful, they are mysterious because their initial shyness and sensitivity to the advances of men is fascinating to the male and they are exotic because Polynesians have a gorgeous distinctive look. Samoan women are bossy. This is probably true! It may be a man who is charge of the village and extended family, but it is the matriarchs who truly make sure everyone is doing they should. Samoan women love to have fun. Yes! Love and laughter are a huge part of the life of the island. Dance and music are the way Samoan celebrate everything and that makes for a very happy population.

Dating hints and tips

In Samoan culture, dating is a private thing between a girl and boy, they hide their love because that’s just what you do! Snogging in secret will make you feel like you’re a teenager again. Embrace the excitement and the giggling! Wait until you are firmly established as her boyfriend before you make the first move. With Samoan girls always follow her lead when it comes to physical affection. Dating online and chatting via messages will give you clues as to how comfortable she is with kissing on a first date. When you’re dating a Samoan girl, try not to take offence if she wants to hide you at the beginning of your relationship. It’s not you, it’s the culture of disapproval towards women who are too free with their love. Samoans love the outdoor life so suggest a romantic walk on the beach of hiking in the mountains. This is also a clever option if your date is nervous about being seen with you by friends and family. So, now you have all the advice you need about how to date a Samoan woman, it’s time to make the bold, brave step and start seeking the woman of your dreams. Register at now, the sign-up process is so quick and easy. We guarantee that within an hour you’ll be browsing the profiles of the perfect matches you’ve found using the search tool. Your local Samoan princess is just a click away!

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