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Korean women are easy to meet if you know where to look and for those men that want to meet single Korean ladies, we take a look at how to find them and where to take them on a date. We also look at this nationality of women and find out more about what they like, what they expect and what you can expect when dating Korean women. If you want to discover more about these women then read on. It will help you learn useful tips and advice on how to meet them and how to treat them.

How Can You Attract a Korean Girl?

If you don’t live in Korea and you aren’t Korean you are probably wondering how best to attract a Korean woman. It starts by making sure you look in the right places which will often be online dating. But how do you make yourself attractive to the woman that you are interested in? First of all, you need to know more about this nationality of women and what they like and expect from men. How can you attract someone if you don’t know what they will find attractive but that is fine because we can help with that? While you may expect Korean member to be cute and quiet and reflect their appearance somewhat, the opposite is actually true. Korean women are strong, tough women with no time for someone who doesn’t treat them with respect and as an equal in a relationship.

First Date Tips with Korean Women

First of all, if you have arranged a date with a Korean woman, you need to make sure you are going to be doing something they enjoy, that they feel comfortable with and that you will enjoy too. For many Korean women, it is customary for men to pay on the first date at least. Although times are changing and Korean women will pay for additional courses, drinks etc. it is still custom for the man to pay the main bill. Expect intelligent conversation and a good time with a Korean girl, they are said to be very good when it comes to dating. Be sure to take her to nice places with some class – not the roadside diner. Romantic picnics, lunch alfresco, dinner in a nice restaurants and drinks in a nice cocktail bar are all good first date ideas.


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Why are Korean Women So Popular?

Korean women are beautiful and strong. They are not the fairer sex at all. You would need to look at other oriental races if you want a more subservient woman. When you date a Korean woman, you are very much dating an equal. You will be expected to treat her as an equal. They like money and aren’t afraid to earn it. This independence makes them attractive to strong women that like to meet their match when it comes to dating. If you are looking for someone demure and shy, you are not going to find it with your typical Korean girl. They aren’t all fans of Western men either so you are going to need to choose wisely and bring your ‘A’ game.

Where Can You Find Korean Women to Date?

This is not always easy. Unless you are living in Korea, where do you go to meet Korean women? Korean bars and restaurants are not exactly in abundance and it can be hard to find local Korean communities, especially if you are an outsider. There is one way in which you can meet local Korean girls in your area though. Online dating sites offer the chance to people from all nationalities to come together and find people that are a match for them. Get online, create your dating profile and state that you are seeking Korean women – that way, you will be presented with potential matches in your area. You can also use the site to filter the nationality of women that you are seeking to enhance your search further. It is so much easier than going out and trying to find a date.

Finding a Reliable Korean Dating Site

Finding a Korean women dating site is the most critical part of this process. You want a dating site that is used to matching interracial singles or matching Korean singles with their ideal partner. You aren’t looking for a casual arrangement so be sure to find a site that will help you find someone for a relationship. You probably want to find a partner, someone that is seeking a long and happy relationship and possibly even marriage and a family. Use the right site and create a good dating profile. You want to create the right impression and do your best to get the maximum benefit from the site. Using the right dating site that tailors it services for Korean ladies will help you in your search for love.

Typical Gender Roles in Korea

Traditionally, like so many other countries, it was the role of the woman to stay at home. Korean women were taught subordination and were prepared in life to be wives and mothers while men were the bread winners. It was very much a man’s world and not unlike a number of other countries around the world. This however changed over time and women became educated. With the establishment of the Republic of Korea, women were given more opportunities. Now it is a much different picture and women make a big contribution to society with gender equality established in 2001. Korean women are now strong, educated, hard-working and independent and looking for an equal partner when it comes to relationships and can often expect the men in their life to settle into their culture.

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Reasons Why Men Date Korean Women

Often men have a fondness for particular nationalities. Some have cultural reasons for this, others may just have a passion for a particular country and its residents. Maybe for some guys it is the way that a woman looks. Korean women are cute and pretty in appearance and have a certain innocence about them that men like. There are other reasons too. Perhaps a man used to live in Korea and preferred dating Korean woman, perhaps he is looking to move them or maybe business takes him there a lot. There are so many reasons why men date Korean women whether they happen to be Korean themselves or not.

Typical Stereotypes of Korean Women

While Korean women may appear to be cute, pretty, dainty and the fairer sex, do not be fooled. Korean women are strong and independent and expect men to settle into their culture and ways of doing things. They can also be very possessive of their partners and are often suspicious that their man is a player. This can often be the reason that Korean ladies don’t trust or date Western men. If you are a player and like to flirt, this could be a problem for a spirited woman who isn’t going to stand for it. Money is important to them and they like nice things. Expect to be giving extravagant presents like Chanel handbags on their birthday for example. They are very family orientated and have strict values.

Some Date Ideas in Korea

Give some thought to the kind of things you could do and come up with some original Korean date ideas. Whether you are in the country and looking for a date or are American and looking for ideas where to take your Korean date, there are a number of things you can do. The obvious choice is a dinner date somewhere nice where you will both enjoy the cuisine. Noisy bars and nightclubs are not so much of a good date idea if you are getting to know one another. Daytime dates are always a good way for like-minded singles to get better acquainted. Romantic walks and picnics in the park are a nice way to get to know someone and then there are also tourist attractions – not the busy ones maybe but art galleries, monuments, historical location that you can combine with shopping and lunch maybe. It all depends on what you are both into and what you will both enjoy. Dating Korean women in your local area should be a fun experience. You want to use this time to find out more about one another and enjoy some romance. Show her that you are someone that she can build a life with, enjoy a relationship with and that respects her and her cultural views, especially if you are from different nationalities. Enjoy getting to know one another and spend your time wisely enjoying the best dates available in your local area but above all else, be yourself and have fun. Dating should be a fun experience that is enjoyed by both parties as you start your potential new relationship together.

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Author: Jennifer Lorusso

Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.

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