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Meeting Lithuanian women in your country doesn’t have to be hard work. It all starts with searching in the right place. It is also important to know more about this nationality of women before you start dating them so that you can be sure that you are dating the right type of girls. Where should you take Lithuanian girls for a date and what do you need to know about Lithuanian culture before dating? Knowing what to expect will make the process much easier and more enjoyable for both parties.

Attracting a Lithuanian Girl to You

The principles of attraction are the same wherever you go. Some women will be attracted to you and some won’t. When dating international women, and particularly Lithuanian women, you need to be aware of what they might be looking for and what they find attractive in general when it comes to dating. They are well educated and independent but like a man that will open doors for them and that will treat them well. Be nice to her but not charming – be yourself and flirt a little with and show her that you are a serious contender for a relationship if that is what she happens to be looking for. Take time to get to know your date, or potential date, and make her smile. Lithuanian ladies are intelligent and appreciate a kind man with a sense of humor that is willing to look after her.

First Date Tips with Lithuanian Women

When looking for tips for dating a Lithuanian woman, the important thing is to consider what she enjoys doing. Don’t just make up her mind for her and decide where you are going. Ask her what she likes to do. Many younger Lithuanian women enjoy getting dressed up and going out to fancy bars and clubs while there will be those that prefer going for something nice to eat in a restaurant. Let her choose what she wants to do. If she is new to the area then she may not know but you could ask her what food she likes for example or how she likes to spend her time. Open doors for her – while she may not expect or demand it, it will go a long way that you are prepared to behave like a gentleman and show her this kind of respect. Lithuanian women, while independent, still like to have a nice guy by their side.


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What makes Lithuanian Women So Popular?

Lithuanian women are attractive, beautiful and light haired with bright eyes. They like to wear makeup and accentuate their features. Aside from being well cared for appearance wise, they also like to work. The Lithuanian woman is well bought up and has a good set of standards when it comes to work, education and family. They are well balanced and know the importance of the role of women but also enjoy their equal opportunities. They aren’t afraid to work but will also stay home and care for children if they feel that this is required. They like foreign men so this means that for Western guys looking for a wife or a relationship, the Lithuanian woman is a good choice.

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Where Can You Find Lithuanian Women to Date?

The question should really be where do you find any type of woman to date? The same challenges exist across the dating spectrum. You can try to find someone but it is not always that easy. Where do you go to find single women? Many men try and fail to find women in the local bars or clubs but often they don’t meet the one. A dating site, particularly a Lithuanian women dating site, is a great place to find women that are a good match. You can find someone that is not only Lithuanian but also that shares the same interests and passions and that is looking for the same out of life. Use the site to get to know them as well rather than just finding them. Chat, flirt and have some fun getting to know them online before you meet.

Tips for Finding a Reliable Lithuanian Dating Site

There are many dating sites out there but the trick is finding the right one. You want to make sure that it is used by many people but that it is also used by Lithuanian women and those from other nationalities. Avoid the casual hookup sites and focus on a site designed to help you meet someone for marriage, a family and a longer-term relationship. Before you start using the site just check that it is easy to use on your mobile. Just like your social media and other online things, you want to be able to use it on the move so that you can date wherever you are and whatever you happen to be doing. Also use one that is just specifically for dating and not a personals site. Local chat rooms are a good feature as well as you can then join a Lithuanian chat room.

Typical Gender Roles in Lithuania

The former Soviet Union countries, including Lithuania, were lucky enough to benefit from a good education system therefore, times have evolved, women are enjoying equal opportunities and they have a good education. Lots of Lithuanian women enjoy careers and hold good positions so they are used to working. It is a catholic country so a man does have a dominating role in society while the woman is very much in charge of the home and the education of the children. That said, like most modern societies, this is more on an equal footing now with their male counterparts. If you are dating a Lithuanian woman she will expect to be able to choose her role which will often involve being an active member of the labor market.

The Reasons Men Date Lithuanian Women

Often, men like women from other nationalities for a number of reasons. American men may not have had the best experiences with their American female counterparts and prefer to date women from another culture. Perhaps they have Lithuanian heritage, spend large amounts of time working there or have other reasons why they prefer this nationality of women. We all have a certain type and men may like women from the Eastern European or Baltic states as a general thing or they be particularly drawn to Lithuanian ladies.

Typical Stereotypes of Lithuanian Women

Perhaps you have a particular stereotype or picture of a typical Lithuanian girl in your head and have built up your very own fantasy. These stereotypes are broad though and not be taken too seriously but what are Lithuanian women like? As a rule, women from Lithuania are seen to be fair-skinned with light eyes being tall and slender and well made up. They are family orientated and form strong bonds with their friends and family. They enjoy outdoor pursuits and activities and play sports. They also like a good nightlife and frequenting trendy bars. Lithuanian women are attracted to American and Western men as they are associated with money and a good life. They also like a man that cares about his looks. Other traits we have already discussed like a willingness to work hard and to have a good education while being keen to make a good home for their family.

Some Date Ideas in Lithuania

Where could you take your date? Well in Lithuania there are lots of historical sites and monuments to visit as well as great scenic views, plazas and places to eat. If you are not in Lithuania and want date ideas then consider what you have in your local area. What tourist attractions could you show to your date and what sort of lunch dates could you enjoy? Younger Lithuanian girls like the trendy bars and nightlife so you could take her to a cocktail bar, a local club or somewhere nice to eat. There are so many things that you can do whether you decide to date in the day, at night or both. If you are hoping for a long and happy relationship then you could mix it up and try a few different dates. If she likes sports and plays a specific sport then perhaps you could do this together? If you are going to date Lithuanian women there is certainly plenty to consider but of course, like any dating, it is important to have fun and to be yourself. If you are specifically looking to date Lithuanian girls then be mindful of their culture, beliefs, religion and any potential issues that this could present. Other than that, just enjoy finding someone that you are attracted to and that you get along with. Hopefully, time spent looking for the right one, will mean that you find the woman of your dreams and end up having a long and happy relationship.

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Author: Jennifer Lorusso

Jennifer Lorusso is a recognized dating and interpersonal relationship expert. As a woman with Psychological degree, she utilizes both her whole life training and her incredible life experiences to serve her readers. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She trully believes that everyone can find true love as long as they believe it is available to them.

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