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Have you arrived at because it’s a successful international dating site and you love the idea of dating a Slovakian lady? Perfect! Welcome to the community! We take great pleasure in bringing together like-minded men and women from lots of different countries, so the team have created a set of guides to help even further. So, read on to learn lots of tips for dating a Slovakian woman.

Attracting single Slovakian women and securing your first date

In Slovakian culture, dating may lead to a casual hook-up date, but it’s much more likely to be the start of a long-term loving relationship. Slovakian women are romantic and see a marriage as the goal. Be honest with her about what level of commitment you’re looking for. As with most Slavic women, the Slovakian female can be aloof initially. Your first moves may be re-buffed as she tries to decide how she feels about you. Be patient, this lady is just trying to protect her heart. Once it has been decided that you can be trusted, a warm and loving woman will appear. Slovak girls aren’t interested in dating lots of different men, it’s not approved of and she would rather meet the man she will marry as soon as possible. Don’t be offended if she refuses a date, if she fancies you but doesn’t see a future, the game will be up. To meet a Slovakian woman for a romantic date you need to convince her that you are serious. Share your hopes, dreams and ambitions and she will begin to imagine a future with you, you will soon be sipping champagne together in a sophisticated bar or laughing over coffee and cake.


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Why are Slovakian women so popular?

Their exquisite looks are part of the reason! Why are Slovakian women so beautiful? Well, they have the most delicate of all the Slavic features and are simply stunning with blonde hair, blue eyes, porcelain skin, petite bodies and high cheek bones. Slovakian women have a natural beauty, they are impeccably groomed but are never too ‘done up’ so won’t take forever to get ready to go out. They are also relaxed about how their men look, there’s no need to buy a designer outfit, just make sure you appear clean and smart. The Slovak lady is very relaxed and content with life. She is happy to let you decide where you go for dates. This chilled out attitude is rare in this part of the world and it’s something that many men are attracted to. Your new love is going to be intelligent with lots of common sense. Slovakian women expect to work hard and provide for themselves and their families. You’ll never have to worry that your girlfriend will need to be ‘kept’ even when times were hard.

Where to meet Slovakian ladies

Bratislava and Kosice are the two biggest cities in Slovakia, and they are where you will find the most forward-thinking and adventurous girls. The smaller towns and villages will have a more reserved female population. The weekend in the bigger cities sees the clubs and bars come alive. The girls of Slovakia may be quiet and conservative, but they know how to drink! It’s at times like these, drinking beers and dancing, that your flirtations will be most enthusiastically received. The Slovaks are family orientated and love spending time with their extended family. If you know a Slovakian man and he invites you to a weekend BBQ, then say ‘Yes!’ You’ll meet his sisters and cousins in their most relaxed environment and, if you make a good impression, this will hopefully lead to something wonderful. Try your luck online with a Slovakian women dating site like We have an exclusive section just for Slovak women and the men who want to meet them. Dating like this is perfect if you have always found the Slavic look irresistible but have never had the pleasure of visiting the area.

Finding a reliable online dating site

For Slovakian girls, dating online is a new experience. However, they are finding services such as Tendermeets a practical way to meet lots of different kinds of men. Many Slovakian women marry foreigners, they enjoy the level of adulation they receive from non-locals. A dating site is a fab way to make connections with gentlemen in different countries. If you’re dating a Slovakian woman in America, is the perfect place to be. We are a busy website with lots of active members and that gives everyone plenty of opportunities to experience the matchmaking magic. The level of discretion and privacy we offer also appeals to the shy and sensitive Slovakian who don’t want everyone to know how they met their new man. Instant Messages also means that members don’t have to share their email address or mobile number until they are ready. How do you know if a dating site is legitimate and reliable? The best way is to try it. Many have free trial periods, which means new users can have a look round the site and explore the positives and negatives. Signing up with is quick and easy, so within an hour of making the decision, you’ll have made matches, received flirty messages and be sure that you’ve landed exactly where you should be at the beginning of your dating journey.

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Gender roles in Slovakia

If you love the idea of a traditional home with a wife who keeps house and raises the children, then dating a Slovakian girl is a great option for you. Women from Slovakia are much more conservative than their European and American sisters. The man will always be the head of the home in Slovakia and his wife will strive to be a domestic goddess. Younger generations are beginning to expect more a shared role within the home, so don’t expect never to have to do the washing up! Of course, there are exceptions, some ladies will want to have a career, travel and enjoy an education. That said, marriage and children is usually still a very important part of the future of even the most ambitious of Slovakian women.

Are the stereotypes true?

When people ask: ‘What are Slovakian women like?’ they assume that they are ‘just like other Slavs’. This is untrue, the ladies of this nation are special. So, which of the Slavic stereotypes are true? They are big drinkers. Yes, your typical Slovakian girl loves a night out having fun and drinking beer. However, they don’t let it cloud their judgement, so the label of ‘Party Girl’ is mis-leading. Slovakian ladies are stunningly beautiful. Absolutely! All women are pretty in their own way but in this part of the world there are more head-turning beauties. Their fair skinned, delicate look is popular with many men. She will be poor. Not necessarily, depending on where your lady lives will depend on how affluent she is. Clearly, each family is different. However, Slovakia is a successful country and the most people who live there live comfortably. Slovaks are lazy!? Nonsense, a woman from Slovakia is determined, hard-working and takes great pride in providing for their family and contributing to society. She may be pleased for a new boyfriend to pay for her meal on a date, but this is part of enjoying his chivalry rather than her being unable to pay for herself.

Dating tips and advice

For Slovakian women, dating is something that should lead to love, but she also wants to have fun with you. A great first date idea is a pretty walk in the park where you can spend the time happily chatting. The second date should be in a bar, Slovakian babes love beer!! Make the effort to learn about Slovakian history and culture. Thoughtful touches like this will make her fall head over heels for you, as she will be very proud of her country. Don’t go too fast with the physical part of your blossoming relationship. Women in Slovakia are quite chaste, and you won’t even get a kiss if she isn’t sure about you. If you receive an invite back to her home after a date, still don’t assume, but it is a good sign that she thinks you’re amazing. The best piece of advice we can give on how to date a Slovakian woman is to take charge. She may be self-sufficient and strong but will still adore feeling looked after and protected. Decide where you’re going to go for your date, pick her up from her home and pay for your meal and drinks. We hope you’ve found this guide useful and have been inspired to chase your dream of meeting a sexy and kind lady from Slovakia. We will see you soon on Tendermeets.

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